Visual Merchandising

Taught thru CCSF

Course Description:

A practical study of merchandise display in a variety of business establishments. This course will provide students with the skills and knowledge to arrange a store window, in-store display, and floor layout. Students will learn how to display merchandise to the consumer regardless of their specific job title. Section information text: Room B33

Learning Objectives:

This course gives students the necessary skills to work alongside fashion merchandisers and help retail operations distinguish themselves from the competition. There is an industry demand for visual merchandisers, who are expected to not only design and install window and interior displays but also take a major role in the development of the facilities' design. 

Units: 3


All artwork by:

Yekaroma Card, Eduardo Isaac Gutierrez, Carla Sigua, Olga Zaytseva, Juliet Segal, & Olga S. from Arcadia Maximo’s class.