Taught thru CCA

Course Description:

In 2D Studio students investigate how we communicate and form a visual voice, while integrating their thinking and intentions with their craft. Changes in point of view, interpretation of images, diverse cultural contributions and visual vocabulary are discussed. Two-dimensional formal properties such as composition, figure/ground, value organization, grouping principles, and rhythm and pattern will be covered.

These courses engage in methods other than drawing and will cover cutting, measuring, adhesives, thumbnail sketching, digital literacy, and presentation. Students can opt to focus on the two-dimensional plane through color mixing, the relation of text to images, or the processes and materials that develop surface.

2D courses establish a practice that builds professional time management skills, while encouraging students to add depth to their work through developmental assignments, design methods, research, writing and versioning.

2D Studio ML Critique helps develop English language skills (listening, speaking, and written) and field-specific vocabulary in a studio environment focusing on critique skills.

Learning Objectives:

After successful completion of this course, students will be able to: Create a new alphabet, construct a book, carve a stamp, collage, design a poster, color mix + create a color wheel, photograph locations at different times and angles, use Photoshop.

Credit Hours: 3

Lecture Hours: 52.5

Lab Hours: 17.5